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CRM Finance Web - 6.19.0

New Features

BO - Accounting Instructions (CRM Finance, 57537)
New accounting model for Discount papers called 'Nominal in balance'. The Nominal amount Sold (or bought) is booked as liablility (asset) on Value date. The Interest amount is thus booked as a prepaid expense.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 57702)
New functionality called Transfer Pricing. Automatic spread can be applied to internal lending. Define rules for spreads based on Rating, Currency and Maturity. Please contact CRM if you want to start using the functionality.


MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 57812)
New checkbox in Report Manager, Report type Profit/Loss. Risk exposure FX. Checked = Only FX deals are included from deal date.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 57818)
Following columns now also applies to Bank accounts: Base interest %, Spread at period end, Interest at period end, Interest % original

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 52862)
Bond Coupons in Cash flow report: Selected Portfolio codes now also applies to coupon transactions. NOTE! Setting coupons still needs to be activated to include coupons at all.

Bug fixes

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 57784)
Fixed/Floating rate Loans - 'View instrument details' funktion - Now displays Start date in format of system setting.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 57794)
UTI number (EMIR trading ID) for Interest rate swaps are now displayed in reports.

MO - Current Account Statement (CRM Finance, 57803)
Sorting order for Capital Increase/decrease transaction corrected when several transactions with same value date exists.

BO - Confirm - Start (CRM Finance, 57835)
Reconciliation function Funds - Now only update dividend transactions not deals.

BO - Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 57852)
Problems with update of bank account balances when importing transactions from Bank account statements solved.

BO - Alteration of Portfolio Codes (CRM Finance, 57854)
Problems with bank account balance updates solved.

DI - Bonds (CRM Finance, 57864)
Syndicate Group for Bonds. Did not work properly for deals without defined Group.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54588)
Accrued interest for Bonds Realized at payment date (previously maturity date).

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