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CRM Finance Web - 6.17.0

New Features

Setup – Bank Holidays (CRM Finance, 21736)
Possible to choose bank holiday calendars also in the commodity module.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 24704)
Enhanced functionality regarding split end email reports including the possibility to schedule the activity. This functionality can also be used to replace confirmation letters that are sent out by email.

Exp – Matching Services – Export (CRM Finance, 38592)
Possible to send cancel messages to CLS.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 43738)
Column ‘Int in period’ (Accrued interest) used for Budget simulation can now also include Other C/R revenue, Commitment fee, Utilization fee, Accrued amortization for Leasing Loans. Selection is made in User defined headings property.

MO – Foreign Exchange Position (CRM Finance, 46250)
New setting called ‘Suppress zero pos’. Checked = Suppress printing of currencies with zero position.

MO – Static reports (CRM Finance, 46297)
Possible to change the report name for static reports in Middle Office/Static Reports.

Exp – Matching Services – Export (CRM Finance, 47365)
Same day FX-transactions are excluded in the export to CLS.


BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 37491)
Possible to create accounting for dividend on Funds

Generally Applicable – (CRM Finance, 38663)
Icon added to the CRM application window for better identification in the activity bar in Windows.

BO – Accounting Instructions (CRM Finance, 43713)
Possible to account for realized utilisation fees and unrealised utilisation fees. New amount types for these events in Accounting instructions on type Credit Facilities.

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 43782)
Dividend amounts now included in pay/advice and bank balances will be updated with dividend transactions.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 43833)
New column called Residual value for Leasing Loans.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 43872)
New interest rate convention named 30US/360. All months are calculated as 30 days. For example 28 of Feb to 31 of Aug gives 180 days. Applicable in Bonds, Fixed floating rate loans, Credit facilities and Interest rate swaps.

MO – Static reports (CRM Finance, 43924)
Possible to email scheduled static reports.

BO – Forecast Template Builder (CRM Finance, 43965)
When switching period type in the forecast view a residual period is created for the current period.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 43985)
New report column in Report Manager for report types PL and BS called FX Plan rate. This column shows actual plan rate on Credit Facilities if one is available.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 46031)
Utilisation amount now available as a selectable column in Confirm Start and Close, Ledger and Ledger – Query only.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 46114)
Possible to create mirror transactions on Fixed/ floating rate loans and Interest rate swaps.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 46129)
Trading station reference fields now possible to update when they are empty. Used when a deal is entered manually instead of downloaded via CRM STP Connector to prevent double import.

BO – Accounting Instructions (CRM Finance, 46149)
Accounting of Short part of Long debt now included for Leasing Loans.

BO – Forecast Template Builder (CRM Finance, 46252)
Possible to have dynamic number of monthly buckets until the last day of year.

Help - Support portal
Help menu now links to the new CRM Support Portal.

Bug fixes

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 37506)
The combination of settings Split Syndicate and Ownership % did not work properly. That is now corrected.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 40663)
Confirming a fee transaction in Confirm – Start while having the Guarantee-window open in the background has now been fixed.

BO – Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 43978)
Fixed bug with improperly matched transactions in Reconciliation of Bank Accounts.

Reg – Currency Rate Tables (CRM Finance, 46086)
Adopted to Reuters change of date codes from 2018.

BO – Alteration of Portfolio Codes (CRM Finance, 46103)
Now corrected so that changes of bank accounts that are done in menu “Alteration of Portfolio codes” also affect all transactions when update tranche is selected.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 46151)
When the column Interest Gain/Loss is chosen the properties is defaulted to blank.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 47418)
CRM Energy – If negative number of quantity, the (-) sign is now shown.

MO – Bank Account Statement (CRM Finance, 49501)
Opening Balance was not displayed if the first sorting order was Value Date. That is now corrected.

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