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CRM Finance Web - 6.16.0

New Features

Middle Office (CRM Finance, 16394)
It is now possible to add charts when using a Pivot table in Report Viewer.

Register – Base Interest Rate Tables (CRM Finance, 17363)
Possibility to do a bulk update of Fees on Guarantees. The update is executed from Register – Base interest rate tables, Fee Fixing.


BO – Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 21654)
Now possible to run amortisation of premium discount with linear method in coding of unrealised profit/loss.

BO – Transaction Import (CRM Finance, 21606)
If a user did not have Role ‘Specify-import-settings’ some fields were not displayed in the Forecast – Import form. This is now changed so all fields are visible but not open for update.

BO – Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 16399)
It is now possible to manually reconcile two transaction on CRM side which has the net amount 0 in Reconciliation.

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 21501)
Confirm Close – Set FX rate at Maturity, set status COMPLETE and account coding for Maturity event can be set automatically in system parameters. All these events will be preformed when running Automated coding – Batch.

Export – Matching Services – Export (CRM Finance, 22897)
New setting for Misys export. Chose to export FX, Loans and deposits or both. Default is both.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 24868)
Added columns in all subsidiary ledgers:

Forward Price
Forward Diff
Base Price

DI – Long Term Loans (CRM Finance, 24843)
2 different dealers can in Fixed/Floating rate loan enter 2 different tranches in the same instrument at the same time.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 25956)
Significantly improved load time for reports with many totals.

Middle Office (CRM Finance, 25958)
Report Manager – If setting “Request” is checked it will show all requests with no price including new subsidiary instrument ‘Commodity forward’.

Bug fixes

DI – Forecast Transactions (CRM Finance, 25911)
Forecast transactions . Print to Excel did not include all columns. That is now fixed.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 25920)
Improvements on pricing of commodity forward (pricing method:Average) in confirm start.

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 24828)
Automated Coding – Batch for futures did not work properly in some cases. It has now been corrected.

Setup – Scheduler (CRM Finance, 24832)
Export.log for the scheduled activity EMIR now shows correct guidance to the internal log.

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 24849)
Automatic complete is now working in webforms. If this system parameter is activated all steps in Confirm Close is done automatically when your running automated coding batch.

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 24741)
Realised accounting for commodities has been changed. Before realised accounting was done on maturity date now it will be on payment date.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 24873)
Fixed a graphical error in the Advanced tab of Report Manager where the option to “Consolidate to local currency” was barely visible.

DI – Credit Facilities (CRM Finance, 26010)
Fixed a rare occurrence where Capital Increase on Credit Facilities resulted in a decrease of the facility.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 24790)
Change of interest fixing periods via Modify interest button now fetch correct interest when interest fixing is done in Conf start.

Middle Office (CRM Finance, 24809)
Setting ‘FRN act int’ Activated: Now displays actual coupon interest on FRN Bonds.Applies both to Report Manager and Balance sheet risk analysis. We recommend to have this setting activated in all reports.

Confirmations /MS Word (CRM Finance, 22892)
Date separator setting in ‘Edit’ ‘Settings’ menu. Error in MS Word Confirmations if . (dot) was selected.

DI – Bank Account Transactions (CRM Finance, 22893)
If selected Legal entity was changed, the bank account field was not updated. The wrong account could then be saved.

Register – Currency Rate Tables (CRM Finance, 20469)
Fixed an annoying prompt to save while scrolling in Currency and Interest rate tables when no changes had been made.

DI – Long Term Loans (CRM Finance, 20509)
Possible to enter 0% in base interest and get 0 in interest amount. Fixed/Floating rate loan, IRS and Credit Facility.

Register – Currency Rate Tables (CRM Finance, 22795)
A user with read only access could end up in a loop of several error messages when scrolling down in the list of currencies on a selected table. This is now corrected.

Register (CRM Finance, 22837)
Market data import via Excel – The number of decimals are now set according to new setting in system parameters, tab Settings, Section ‘Feed import settings’, parameter ‘Decimal precision.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 21539)
Problem with a first broken period on a transaction with act/act ICMA int conv is solved.

DI – Foreign Exchange Transactions (CRM Finance, 21568)
If legal Entity was changed on a Fx Transaction the Bank account balances were not updated on the bank accounts for the Legal Entity that was originally entered. That is now corrected.

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