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CRM Finance Web - 6.16.1

New Features

Setup – Load Setup (CRM Finance, 17373)
New improved functionality for market data import. The entire setup (which prices/rates to import) is now done within the system in Load Setup. The CRM Scheduler is used for scheduling the hours the imports should be done.

Setup – Scheduler (CRM Finance, 27994)

  • Scheduled reports: It is now possible to include Today’s date as a part of the file name of a report. Enter the date format in capital letters between brackets. The following date formats can be used:


    Ex: MYFILE_{YYYYMMDD}_RM.csv gives name MYFILE_20160226_RM.csv

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 22841)
New columns in Report Manager, report types Transaction List and Profit and Loss, for utilisation fee unrealized and realized entered on Credit Facilities.


MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 16334)
Possible to have a report in Report Manager, type P/L on prematurely closed transactions (IRS and loans that have been closed with the close button). New button in Settings tab called Prematurely closed. Date selection on measuring period to and from.

Register – Instrument Data (CRM Finance, 20473)
When you register instrument data for Bonds and Norweigan certificate, it is mandatory to fill in the currency the instrument is denominated in.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 21577)
Deactivated bank accounts can now be excluded in reports. Check new checkbox in Report manager tab Settings ‘Excl deactivated bank accounts’. Also applies to Foreign Exchange Position and Bank account statement.

DI – Bank Account Transactions (CRM Finance, 21700)
The field Link is now added to the form Bank Account Transactions. To be used in Report manager in reports of type P/L, CF or TL.

Setup – Default Values (CRM Finance, 22839)
Possible to default Commodity code for Commodity instruments.

Register – Currency Rate Tables (CRM Finance, 22865)
Timestamp on currency rates used for Request transactions. Now possible to define in minutes how long the rates are valid.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 22867)
Interest that is unchanged will be set to YES i Interest fixed column when fixing is done via Confirm – start.

BO – Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 25998)
Market value of CIRS transactions with zero coupon method is now possible to split into Interest gain/loss and FX gain/loss. New System Parameter setting to activate the split.

DI – Ledger (CRM Finance, 26957)
Deal Input – Ledger. Forecast transactions are no longer included automatically when executing a query. To include Forecast tranactions use Extended Selection and activate setting ‘Include Forecast transactions’

DI – Ledger (CRM Finance, 28029)
The column ‘Nominal amount’ is now searchable in the ledgers. It can also be sorted by this column.

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 30020)
Automatic complete works for all commodities now. Commodities with average settelement needs to be priced in confirm close before automated coding batch is performed.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 30021)
Improvments of Equitiy reporting in Report manager.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 30024)
New report column in Report Manager for dividend, Dividend amount.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 33006)
Use of checkbox FRN act int in Report manager tab Settings will show actual coupon of a bond in the columns Base int% and Interest %.

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 33085)
Export preview in Pay/Advice now includes “internal account” transactions.

Generally Applicable (CRM Finance, 34118)
Improved error message when logon credentials are wrong.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 24848)
New selectable columns in Conf start and close: Base int%, Spread, Custody and Broker.

BO – Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 24858)
Reconciliation of bank accounts: When a Bank account transaction is created of an amount difference (between CRM and the Bank) an automating requery is now done so the updated status and the difference transaction is shown.

BO – Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 24859)
Width of Column ‘Text’ is increased

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 24860)
Pay/Advice, undo export – It is now possible to ‘Undo export’ for a single payment. This is possible if the payment is exported as MANUAL.

Choose ‘Ref no’ to Undo export for one transaction.
Choose ‘Filename’ to undo Export for a whole file or a bulk of MANUAL payments.

If an exported payment is marked as reconciled when it is reset from EXPORTED to PENDING status, the reconciled flag will be reset. This also goes for all transactions with the same reconciliation reference, including transactions from the bank (found in Reconciliation of bank accounts).

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 22901)
New column in Report Manager for NDF transactions called Fixed date.

DI – Ledger (CRM Finance, 25924)
In Subsidiary ‘Ledger – Query Only’ and ‘Ledger – Priced Request’; two columns have been renamed. Price is now Price Cur. Base is now Base Cur.

BO – Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 25943)
Revaluation of Bank accounts: Even if a revaluation coding was deleted in Export Journal Entries the coding could not be redone for the same date. This is now corrected.

Bug fixes

DI – Bonds (CRM Finance, 15326)
If a Bond position was closed per a date between reconciliation date and maturity date of the actual coupon the coupon was cancelled. The coupon should not be cancelled in this case and that is corrected.

Setup – Portfolio Definitions (CRM Finance, 21585)
Grant portfolio on instrument level did not work. This is now corrected.

DI – Foreign Exchange Swaps (CRM Finance, 21626)
When copying an FX Swap and changing Legal entity the FX Spot rate on the first leg were in some cases set to 1. This is now corrected.

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 20517)
Reconciliation – Undo payment didn’t change the status of reconcilied transactions. Now undo payment changes the status of reconciled transactions to NON (not reconciled). After the transaction is exported reconciliation needs to be made manually again.

BO – Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 24823)
Wrong error messages when running Coding of Unrealised Profit/loss have been fixed.

DI – Caps and Floors (CRM Finance, 29008)
Floor rate with a strike rate of 0% is now possible to register in Caps and Floors.

Setup – Portfolio Privileges (CRM Finance, 33004)
Portfolio privileges activated in Subsidiary version does not affect exclude portfolio codes functionality in CRM Finance base module.

DI – Long Term Loans (CRM Finance, 33028)
Text-field on transactions would not display any information although information was there in the database. This has now been fixed. (Error occured in version 6.16.0)

BO – Confirmations /MS Word (CRM Finance, 33073)
It is only possible to run MS confirmation Word on priced request from Subsidiaries

BO – Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 33089)
We have now changed so the first capital transaction needs to be confirmed and coded at value when booking short part of long term transactions in Coding of unrealised. This improvment has been made to avoid booking short part on transactions that has not been started.

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 33127)
An update of Counterpart in deal input Fixed/Floating Rate loan did not trigger an update of the payment transactions. This is now fixed. (the error occured in version 6.16.0).

Note! If a portfolio code is changed on a Fixed/Floating rate loan or Credit Facility the change will only effect the selected Tranch and not the whole instrument.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 33139)
Fixed errors in Report manager, report type P/L and BS regarding Equities (sum columns in shares, and realised profit/loss)

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 34114)
System parameter setting ‘Automatic complete’ activated – Means that ‘Automated coding batch’ function in Back Office automatically changes status to Completed and sets FX Spot rate at maturity. But in version 6.16.0 the booking rates against book base currency were not set for FX transaction. This is now corrected.

Setup – Default Values (CRM Finance, 25975)
Default values set for a Portfolio did not work properly in some cases. This is now solved.

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