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CRM Finance Web - 6.16.2

New Features

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 17399)
More efficient process for payments, netting and manual payments are done in Pay/advice tab. Payments that should be Netted is marked and then moved to Pending. Payments that should not be in the payment file due to for example automatic withdraws by the bank should be marked for Manual payment in the pay /advice tab and are then moved to Exported.

BO – Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 21737)
Commodity – When running Coding of unrealised profit/loss it is possible to automatic book the BS account into short term and long term accounts depending on maturity.

BO – Confirm – Close (CRM Finance, 23708)
When setting spot at maturity you can now choose on instrument and counterpart level if the rate should be the rate at incepetion.

Reg – Instrument Data (CRM Finance, 24911)
DI – Loans, Bonds and Interest Rate Swaps Possible to define number of interest fixing days. Default is 2 business days before value date.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 38606)
New check box in the Report Manager, Settings tab, called ‘Unutilized facility in balance’. Checked = Include Unutilized credit line amount in Closing Balance column.


BO – Confirmations /MS Word (CRM Finance, 827)
It is now possible to insert the bookmark accrued interest in layout ms Word confirmation. It will show the accrued interest per measuring period to.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 16346)
Extended selection as a drop down now also in Confirm start and Confirm close

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 20472)
Fixed/Floating Rate Loan – When making a Capital Increase you now can use F5 to fetch a Currency rate from Currency rate tables.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 20495)
Limit tab – New check box called ‘Include unutilized limits’. Checked = Unutilized limits are included in the report.

DI – Bank Account Transactions (CRM Finance, 21644)
Portfolio list is now available in Deal Input/Bank Account Transactions.

BO – Confirm – Close (CRM Finance, 22888)
Selection by Due date in Confirm close changed. Selects only on Maturity date / Payment date. Previously Due date selected on Value date.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 22898)
New column and sorting order called ‘FX swap leg number’. Displays for a FX transaction, that is a part of a FX Swap, if it is leg 1 or leg 2 in the swap..

BO – Accounting Instructions (CRM Finance, 24703)
Possibility to create accounting instructions with logic on currency. Make one for a specific currency and one for all the rest by filling in the base currency.

DI – Ledger (CRM Finance, 28029)
The column ‘Nominal amount’ is now searchable in the ledgers. It can also be sorted by this column. Observe that the searchable amount must be in a absolute value format.

BO – Confirm – Start (CRM Finance, 33029)
Interest fixing status updated in conf start for coupons fixed directly in Instrument data.

MO – Foreign Exchange Position (CRM Finance, 33061)
Now possible to select forecast transactions on a certain forecast date. Check the checkbox Deal date only on forecast trans in Settings tab. The selected deal date/dates will only be affected on forecast transactions.

DI – Guarantees (CRM Finance, 33066)
Field ‘Issuing fee %’ – number of decimals increased from 2 to 5.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 33147)
Improvements in reporting of Equities in foreign currency regarding FX G/L unreal and Int G/L real.

DI – Commodity Forwards (CRM Finance, 34132)
Now it is possible to enter Commodity Fwd Close deal in Subsidiary version.

Reg – Instrument Data (CRM Finance, 34145)
Now possible to register Dividends on Funds in Instrument Data – tab Dividend. You can either enter a dividend per share or a dividend amount. Dividend form now visible in Back office menu

BO – Transaction Status Overview (CRM Finance, 34158)
Transactions status overview includes the field Instrument. It is also possible to search for match status

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 34166)
Sort by “Payment Status” is now possible in cash flow reports.

MO – Static reports (CRM Finance, 34198)
New Report in Middle office – Static report called ‘Menu view per user’. Displays all Menu privileges granted for the selected user. Shows what privileges comes thruogh a profile and what privileges are granted to the user itself.

BO – Forecast Template Builder (CRM Finance, 34298)
In the forecast template it is now possible to replicate time buckets. For example month buckets for 12 months has been reported, for year 2 and 3 you would like the use the same numbers as for year one.You can then replicate the same values as from year one.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 36384)
Fixed/Floating Rate Loan – Now possible to Copy a Tranche including ‘reverse’ option and also possible to delete a tranch.

Set – Portfolio Definitions (CRM Finance, 37415)
Now possible to copy a Portfolio in Portfolio Definitions.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 37440)
Budget simulation – ‘Int in period’ functionality. Simulation will now concider Floor setting for interest rates (Base and Tot) when calculating Implied forward rates on variable transactions.

Imp – Foreign Exchange Transactions (CRM Finance, 37495)
Upgraded STP connector to work with SHB (Handelsbankens) updated trading platform

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 38523)
Improvement in coding of commitment fee adjustments (other Cost/Rev amount) for Credit Facilities.

Set – System Parameters (CRM Finance, 38527)
If you have activated, Send e-mail message for all new subsidiary request (that needs to be priced), it will now only send e-mail when the request is registerd by a subsidiary user. No e-mail will be sent if the request is registered by a Finance user.

Back Office (CRM Finance, 38532)
Now possible to add files on Coupons via Confirm Start and Ledger – Query only. Working also in Read only mode.

DI – Credit Facilities (CRM Finance, 38559)
Credit Facility: Syndicated Group registered at first tranche will automatically be copied to the following tranches in the same Credit Facility. If a change is done at the first tranche the following tranches will automatically be updated.

DI – Leasing Loans (CRM Finance, 38576)
WHT functionality also available on amortisation amounts on Leasing Loans.. Also on tranches of type ‘L’. (previously only on deposit tranches.

DI – Interest Rate Swaps (CRM Finance, 38645)
Bullet Interest Rate swaps shall now have the Notional amount also entered in field Amortisation. Previosly the amortisation amount was zero.

Reg – Currency Rate Tables (CRM Finance, 40628)
Performance improved when copying a Currency rate table. Only the new table name is displayed in the list when it is created. Please use function key F8 to refresh whole list.

DI – Foreign Exchange Transactions (CRM Finance, 40673)
Settle of FX transactions – It was not possible to enter Emir information (for example UTI number) on a ‘Settle’ transactions. This is now changed.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 40686)
Dividends for Funds are now possible to include in reports.

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 43754)
Utilisation amount is now included and can be paid in Pay/Advice.

Bug fixes

BO – Confirmations /MS Word (CRM Finance, 24728)
Number of days displayed were in some cases fetched from wrong tranch on an instrument with several tranches. This is now corrected.

DI – Commodity Forwards (CRM Finance, 34128)
When a Commodity transaction that is a request is cancelled, both transactions are cancelled.

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 34160)
When preforming automatic complete the system now also sets the cross currency booking rate. This will effect on all cash flow reports which now can be consolidated to fx spot rate at maturity.

BO – Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 34164)
Commodites – When closing a position the Payment transaction was not calculated correctly. This is now fixed.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 37408)
Market valuation of an CCIRS with increasing notional amount: The calculation of Interest Gain/Loss was not correct for the variable leg. This is now corrected.

DI – Interest Rate Swaps (CRM Finance, 37483)
Payments on amortized swaps is now working correctly.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 37486)
Increased number of characters in column Shares ( Number of shares for funds)

BO – Automated Coding – Batch (CRM Finance, 37490)
Improvement in coding of Equities in foreign currency if the equity has been closed in different parts.

DI – Commodity Forwards (CRM Finance, 37493)
Commodity fwd with pricing method average. It is now possible to update fwd diff on a request and it will at the same time also update the request deal. Previously it didn’t update the request deal.

DI – Interest Rate Swaps (CRM Finance, 37508)
Cross currency basis swaps with amortisations, now calculate and account code FX/GL.

DI – Bonds (CRM Finance, 38496)
Not possible to delete transaction if coupons exist with other status then REG or CANCELLED.

Set – Default Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 38507)
Default bank accounts defined for counterparties did not work properly in all situations. This is now corrected.

MO – Report Manager (CRM Finance, 38641)
Interest simulation – Column Int in period. Simulation for Bonds did not work if the period structure was defined with date codes. This is now fixed.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 40664)
Foreign Exchange Transaction Request – Live rates for indicated FX Rates for internal Request. In some cases the counter amount was not recalculated correctly when the transaction was saved (and thus the rate updated) This is now corrected.

DI – Foreign Exchange Swaps (CRM Finance, 40739)
Calculations on leg 2 in FX swaps has not always been recalculated correctly after changes. This has now been corrected.

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