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CRM Finance Web - 6.18.0

New Features

Generally Applicable - Menu Search (CRM Finance, 49649)
New menu search - Possible to search for menu items throughout all CRM modules.

DI - Foreign Exchange Transactions (CRM Finance, 51790)
New function that automatically creates settlement transactions for maturing NDFs. Function activated upon request from customer.

DI - Commodity Forwards (CRM Finance, 55838)
Validation of commodity prices when entering deals. Validation against latest market prices. Function activated in database upon request from customer.

BO - Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 55857)
Cash pool sub accounts now possible to be mirrored on top account owner. New check box in Portfolio Code Deatils, tab Bank Account, section Reconciliation, 'Automatic shadow account'. And parameters to be set in System parameters, tab Settings.

BO - Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 57116)
Now possible to import bank account statements in .xml format (Camt053). Bank balances and transactions such as bank interests, sweeps and charges can be imported.

Setup - FX Rate Validation (CRM Finance, 54014)
Automatic update of FX Rate validation table with reference rates and currency pairs. Is activated to all customers automatically.

Setup - Scheduler (CRM Finance, 54591)
New setting added called 'Ignore Failure'. If activated = The activity will stay active even if an error occurs.


Generally Applicable (CRM Finance, 43857)
Fresh coat of paint with new background image with logotype moved and updated.

Generally Applicable  - Login (CRM Finance, 54730)
We have now made a change in the login procedure. Login to the system will no longer be stopped if the user is already logged in. Active sessions for the specific user will automatically be closed and the user will be logged in as normal.

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 55785)
In Fixed/Floating loans, Credit Facilities, Interest Rate Swaps and Leasing Loans it is now possible to see all entered details if using the new button 'View Instrument details'.

DI - Forecast Transactions (CRM Finance, 46355)
Consolidation Currencies now selected via a LOV (List of values) instead of via a List box.

DI - Ledger (CRM Finance, 54026)
New available columns for Ledger design in Deal input Ledger and Ledger - Query only, called Ext ref1, Ext ref2 and Ext ref3. These fields are used for trading station references.

DI - Ledger (CRM Finance, 54518)
Value amount now available in Ledger design in all ledgers.

DI - Guarantees (CRM Finance, 54718)
New fields available in the Guarantees deal input form. 

  • Guarantee purchase price
  • Guarantee action
  • Guarantee beneficiary contact
  • Guarantee purchase description

Activate the fields in System parameters. The columns are also available in the Report Manager.

DI - Commodity Forwards (CRM Finance, 54726)
Commodity Forwards - Close functionality - Strategy and Deal type can now be different on Open and Close transaction.

DI - Loans and Deposits (CRM Finance, 55791)
Improvements in witholding tax (wht). Wht is now also working on Requests entered in CRM Subsidiary module.

DI - Caps and Floors (CRM Finance, 57295)
Improvements in Caps and Floors with negative interest.

MO - Static reports (CRM Finance, 38575)
Possible to select/deselect printing of Selection and Column names.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54544)
New columns in Report Manager called 'Bank account limit' and 'Margin'. Displays information entered for bank accounts under 'Parameter settings' (Portfolio code details) for respective account. Columns 'Int spread debit' and 'Int spread credit' now also displays spread for Bank accounts. These changes also applies to the Bank account statement reports.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54761)
Naming convention improved on attached reports when sending reports via email from the scheduler using the 'Split' functionality in the Report Manager.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54768)
New column in the Report Manager called 'Opened or closed by ref no'. For 'Open' transaction - Displays ref number(s) for 'Close' transactions if any. For 'Close' transaction - Displays ref number(s) for 'Open transactions.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 55805)
New Columns in the Report Manager - 'Next oth c/r payment' and 'Next wht payment'. Available in Balance/Position report type and Profit/Loss report type.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 55815)
It is now possible to run a single report consolidated to different entities or counterparts local currency. First sorting order must be Legal entity or Counterpart and check box, 'Consolidate to local currency' must be checked in Advanced tab.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 55828)
New report columns in Report manager for home currency for entities and counterparties, named Entity local ccy and Counterp local ccy. 

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 57270)
Bank account selections in reports are more intuitive and flexible. Applies also to Foreign Exchange Position and Bank account Statement. 

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54652)
Possible to select FIFO or Average for Funds

BO - Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 52932)
Coding of unrealized Profit/Loss now includes forward starting Interest rate swaps.

BO - Confirm - Close (CRM Finance, 54334)
Possible to automatically set Spot at maturity rate to the same rate as the FX rate entered on the transaction itself. (Instead of using rate from Currency rate table as usually).

BO - Bank account management (CRM Finance, 54590)
Displays now all active accounts, deactivated accounts are hidden and can be shown via Extended selection.

BO - Pay/Advice Transactions (CRM Finance, 54788)
Netting Preview now also available in Pay/Adv/Delayed tab

BO - Reconciliation of Bank Accounts (CRM Finance, 57230)
All portfolio codes as selection criteria´s are now available. Possible to select accounts for a specific bank. Filtering on Entity, Bank, currency will automatically limit the accounts available in Account no list.

BO - Transaction Status Overview (CRM Finance, 57322)
It is now possible to reset EMIR export flags, to be able to reexport transactions. Function is found under icon 'Reset flags' in Transactions Status Overview in Back Office.

BO - Bank account management (CRM Finance, 57327)
Extended Selection - Possible to select bank accounts by type of account.

Setup - User Identities (CRM Finance, 57346)
If the user were granted both roles 'Update_bank_account' and 'Approve_bank_account' the user could not enter a new bank account at all. The user should in this case be able to enter a new bank account but only approve the ones entered by someone else.

Bug fixes

Deal Input (CRM Finance, 55991)
Cancelled deals and/or transactions did not update the bank balance correctly. This is now fixed.

DI - Bonds (CRM Finance, 54782)
Syndicate Group function did not work properly in the Bonds deal input form.

DI - Commodity Forwards (CRM Finance, 55829)
Commodity requests - The price currency was not updated correctly for the request side of the deal if the Legal Entity and the counterpart had different local currencies.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54675)
If weighted average interest was negative, it was shown as an absolute number in Subtotals, it is now presented as a negative value. 

BO - Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 55882)
Accounting of short part of long term transactions is corrected for Pre-Closed Bonds.

BO - Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 57361)
Coding of Short part of Long Term Transactions for Bonds, now use Price amount instead of Nominal amount.

BO - Confirm - Close (CRM Finance, 57406)
Problems with deleting an account coding in Confirm Close, now solved. 

BO - Coding of Unrealised Profit / Loss (CRM Finance, 54264)
Coding of Unrealized Profit/Loss - Prepaid fees in a foreign currency allocated over time now uses original FX Rate entered on the transaction. Instead of actual FX Rate from selected Fx Rate table end to avoid FX effects.

Register - Instrument Data (CRM Finance, 57316)
Problems with payment date in Instrument data, Coupons tab, with date format DDMMYY (Norwegian) solved.

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