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CRM Finance Web - 6.17.1

New Features

Setup - User Identities (CRM Finance, 52871)

Four eye control on user privileges. All new users and changes on existing users must be approved. This must be considered before upgrading.

See further documentation in the article Four-eye control on User Privileges.


Deal Input (CRM Finance, 38660)
The button "Close" is renamed to "Pre-close" and moved to the toolbar section.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 46340)
The functionality 'Owner ship %' is now available for bank accounts.

Back Office (CRM Finance, 47408)
Improved performance and error handling when setting FX rate in Confirm start and spot at maturity in Confirm close.

Setup - Scheduler (CRM Finance, 47443)
Improvements in the Scheduler:

  • A more clear overview of the Status of the activity - Active (no fill), Disable (grey) or Failure (red).
  • The Activity sheet is sorted alphabetically.
  • A 'Show result' button in the Activity sheet will take you to the Results tab for the choosen Activity.
  • Better query abilities in the Result sheet.
  • Result sheet - Failure (red), Success (no fill).

BO - Confirm - Start (CRM Finance, 47447)
Hidden bank accounts are no longer shown in bank account lists in Confirm start and Confirm close.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 49549)
Report columns 'Acc days realized allocated', 'Acc days unrealized allocated' and 'Yield curve' are now working in reports for interest calculation on bank accounts.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 47411)
Dropdowns changed to List of Values (LOV) in Selection tab for better search and selection capabilities.

DI - Foreign Exchange Transactions (CRM Finance, 50803)
Possibility to create mirrors on FX deals even though the deal has been matched.

DI - Foreign Exchange Transactions (CRM Finance, 50806)
Deal and spot date is locked on the second leg of an FX swap, also in the subsidiary module.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 52809)
Column 'Int in period' used for interest simulation is now calculated with implied forward rates, this also works for Bonds (with and without Interest floor).

BO - Forecast Template Builder (CRM Finance, 52876)
Possible to exclude weekends in the Forecast template builder.

Setup (CRM Finance, 52921)
The option "Use Menu Window" in the Edit menu has been removed.

BO - Forecast Template Builder (CRM Finance, 52947)
Dynamic numbers of different kind of time buckets until last day of year.

DI - Real Estate (CRM Finance, 53994)
Renamed Real Estate in Instrument Data to Mortgages.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 54069)
Unutilized facility amount now available in report column 'Closing balance period'.

Bug fixes

Back Office (CRM Finance, 46233)
Improvements when exporting ledgers to Excel.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 50780)
Corrected closing balance for Credit facilities when check box "Unutilized facility in balance" is not checked.

MO - Report Manager (CRM Finance, 51791)
Realized fee of Guarantees are now showing in reports.

DI - Long Term Loans (CRM Finance, 52820)
A confirmed interest transaction will not be updated even though the capital amount is in- or decreased.

BO - Confirm - Start (CRM Finance, 54070)
If interest is unchanged when doing the interest fixing the Interest Fixed column is updated with 'YES'.

DI - Current Accounts (CRM Finance, 54340)
General improvements in Current accounts.

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