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A deal input form used for entering different types of Guarantees. The instrument does not need to be predefined, all instruments are entered directly in the Guarantees deal input form. 

Click on the Create transaction icon and give the contract a unique name. Click OK and enter relevant data for the specific Guarantee.


Choose if you are issuing or receiving the guarantee
Ordinary/Guarantee line
Ordinary = Single Guarantee. Guarantee Line ( A Guarantee Facility) = Individual Guarantees can be issued under a guarantee line and then entered as tranches on the same Guarantee instrument. The usage of the Guarantee line can be monitored in reports.
Currency          The currency field (at the top) is the currency that the Guarantee is denominated in (currency of the nominal amount). If the fee amount is in a different currency it is entered in field currency in the section fee conditions. 
Millions Enter nominal amount in millions (note decimals can be used. For example 20, 21,4, 0,4 and so on.
Nominal amount     Enter full nominal amount if it is an uneven million (see previous field)
Beneficiary Beneficiary of the Guarantee
Subsidiary         If the Guarantee is issued on behalf of a Subsidiary company.
This is an enter-able field, not a predefined list. Enter the Correspondent bank if any. The list box will display all correspondent codes that have been entered previously.
Deal date Date of agreement
Value date Start date of Guarantee
Expiry date
This field is mandatory. If the guarantee does not have an agreed expiry date enter an estimated expiry date, check Bearer G and the expiry date will appear as 99999999 in reports.
Bearer G/ Final expiry date
If you check Bearer G the guarantee will be valid until the guarantee document is returned. Enter the final expiry date when returned and the guarantee is no longer valid.
FX Rate FX Rate at start of Guarantee
Issuing fee % If the guarantee has a onetime issuing fee the % or amount is entered here. 
Oth C/R % / Oth C/R amount Enter % other costs/revenues or an absolute amount

Advanced payment If checked, Fee payment date is on value date otherwise Fee payment date is on maturity date
Fee fixing If the fees have the same conditions and they needs to be updated this can be used to update all guarantees with the same fee fixing code.
Fee conditions If the Guarantee has reoccuring fees the conditions for the fee structure is registered here, to look at the fees click on the Fee trans .... button
First roll date Date for the first fee payment
Fee period Enter the fee period
Int conv Enter the interest convention
B d conv Decides how to treat transactions falling on a bank holiday.
Following - If payment is due on a bank holiday the date is moved forward to the next valid bank day.
Mod follow - If the payment is due on a bank holiday the date is moved forward to the next valid bank day. But if it is a new month the date is moved back to the first preceding valid bank day.
Preceding- payment date is moved back to previous valid bank day.
IMM- the third Wednesday in each quarter
Currency Currency of the fee amounts
Fee% / Local fee% Enter fee % and/or a Local fee %.
Recalculate If you do some changes on the fee conditions, you need to recalculate the fee transactions by using this button. You have to delete the fee transactions first in the fee trans section.
Fee trans...         The dates, periods and amounts of the fee transactions can be viewed by clicking on this button. If the outstanding Nominal amount or fee % changes over time it can be changed here as well. Note! You can use F6 to split fee periods. Use  F10 to save changes.  

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