Problems to log in or updating the application

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Some clients have experienced problems using the application when a new update is released. We at TS, have found that this often relates to Microsoft operating system having trouble updating Click-Once application or uninstall application, such as TS. More information about this issue can be read here: 


Before contacting the TS Support, please try the below described steps. Regardless of the result, please contact the TS Support and describe the outcome of steps since it will help us find a permanent solution to this issue. 



Step 1a 

 - Uninstall the application using the Control Panel. You can find it using by searching for "Control Panel", and go to Programs and then Programs and Features. From the list select the TS application and click Uninstall.



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Step 2a 


- By using the Internet Explorer, download the application again using the link you got when implementing TS. If you cannot find the link, use this one: https://<ClientName><ClientName>.application 
Replace the "<ClientName>" with your company name. Have look at a colleague's TS if you are uncertain. If you are having trouble finding out your “<ClientName>" contact TS support.


If you are able to download and start the application, then you do not need to continue. 


If the above does not work, try these following steps. 



Step 1b


- If the following pop-up appears (see picture below) please click on Details and save the file and send it to TS Support. 





Step 2b


- In the File Explorer, type in "%LocalAppData%\Apps\2.0\". You will then see two folders, one named "Data”, and the other with a name consisting of numbers and letters, just as in the picture below. Delete these file folders. 


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Step 3b


- If the files were deleted successfully, redo step number 2A at the top. If there is a problem with deleting the files, it might be because of a process is blocking. Then, open the task manager and look for a background process named “ClickOnce” and end it. Now, try to delete the file folders described in step 2B again. 


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Step 4b


- Now redo step number 2A at the top. If that still does not work, contact the TS Support for further instructions and help. 



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