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The System Parameters consists of basic parameters deciding how the system should function e.g. when running analysis and reports, accounting, imports/exports etc. The parameters are set when you start using the system and are after that seldom altered. The parameters are split into different tabs which we will cover in this article.

  1. Go to Register > Setup > System Parameters

Click the below buttons for a quick scroll to the different tabs or areas.

System  Def options  Acccounting  Export  Import

Privileges  CAP  Security  Energy  Misc  Settings

Systems tab

Parameter / checkbox
Date Format

Select date format to be used in the system. Chose between YYMMDD and DDMMYY.
Display with status in confirm close

set to Confirmed: - A transaction is not passed on to Confirm close until it is confirmed in Confirm Start.
set to Reg/Confirmed: - A transaction is displayed in both Confirm Start and Confirm close immediately after Deal input.
Accounting tab
Modify with status in amort

Select if amortization adjustment is allowed only for transactions with status REG or status REG or Confirmed.
Int day calculation

This setting has effect on calculations of unrealized accrued interestInt. incl day 1, excl last day = First day (value date) on a transaction is interest bearing.
Int. excl day 1, incl last day = Last day (maturity date) on a transaction is interest bearing.
Oth C/R for deposit

Select if Other cost/revenues on Loans and Deposits transactions should be added to value amount or repayment amount
Menu style

Grayed = Menu items that the specific user does not have privileges to are displayed in menus but are grayed. Hidden = Menu items that the specific user does not have privileges to are hidden in menus. This means that the user does not see all functionality available in the system.
Equity Profit/Loss

Select FIFO (first in first out) or Average method for calculating Profit/Loss for Equities.
Bonds Profit/Loss

Select FIFO (first in first out) or Average method for calculating Profit/Loss for Bonds. Also applicable for Discount papers.
Request refresh rate

Refresh interval for request ledgers.
System Base

The rates in the Currency Rate Tables (Register menu) are quoted only against one quote base currency – System base. The quote base currency can be any currency but it is usually the treasury center's currency of domicile or the USD.
The USD as quote base will usually give a somewhat better accuracy when the system calculates cross rates compared with a European currency base, since rates against a European base are already cross calculated once outgoing from the USD rates.
Dec int

Number of decimals for automatic interest rates.
FRN price model

Select revaluation method for FRN bonds, Lybeck, Fabozzi
Confirm before Payment

If checked the transaction has to be confirmed before it can be processed in Pay/Advice
Use of coding account in Bank acc trans

 If unchecked default accounting for the Bank account Transaction is decided from the field Coding in Portfolio code details. Only used for manual accounting of bank account transactions. If checked the accounting does not consider the instruction in the field Coding in Portfolio Code Details.
Discount model (used for interest difference method)

End of transaction = The gain/loss for each interest payment discounted with the exact interest rate for each remaining interest payment date taken from a swap yield curve.
End of Tranche = .All of the gains/losses for each interest payment discounted with one rate, the actual yield for the remaining tenor.
FX position

Spot trans, checked = Fx spot transaction maintains position after value date in the Foreign exchange position analysis.
Variable interest, checked= All variable interest transactions for Cross Currency IR Swaps, Amortization Loans included in the Foreign exchange position analysis.
Automatic rates

FX, checked = Enables you to get automatic Fx rates from register when entering deals and setting maturity rates in Back Office – confirm close.
IR, checked = Enables you to get automatic Interest rates from register when entering deals.
Mid rates, checked = Use mid rates when setting automatic rates.
Monthly rates, checked = To use monthly rates when setting automatic FX rates. The currency rate table must then be of form 'YYMM'
Automatic rates – Rate date

Deal input, Not Checked = Automatic rates from currency rate tables for Deal date.
Deal input checked = Value date minus number of value days (number of bank days between deal- and value date) entered for the specific instrument in instrument data.
Confirm start, Not Checked = Automatic rates from currency rate tables for due date (value date).
Confirm start checked = Automatic rates from currency rate tables for due date (value date) minus 2 bank days.
Confirm close, Not Checked = Automatic rates from currency rate tables for due date (maturity date).
Confrim close checked = Automatic rates from currency rate tables for due date (maturity date) minus 2 bank days
Display all bank accounts

Check to display all bank accounts in deal input bank account lists
Current accounts as bank accounts

Use current accounts as in house bank accounts. Checked = Valid Current accounts shown in Bank account lists. Maturing FX transactions are automatically posted to selected current account.
Rollover: automatic spot at maturity

Check for automatically set spot at maturity rate on a rolled over FX transaction. The roll over function is available in the Foreign exchange swaps deal input form.
Create coupon transactions

Checked = Coupon transactions shall be automatically created for Bonds.
FX effects on multiple periods

Check = To the period allocated currency amount is adjusted in consolidation terms with the difference between the start and end rate of the measuring period.
Confirmation restriction

Checked = Users can not confirm deals entered by themselves even though they have access to Back Office Confirm start and close.
Bank holiday validation

Checked = Transaction can not be entered on bank holiday. Not checked = Display warning on bank holiday.
Settle mirror

Checked = Mirror transactions settled automatically when head transaction is settled.
Project info fileds in deal input forms

Checked = Displays extra fields for project information. Applicable for FX transactions, Loans and Deposits, Metal Forwards and Requests.
Show ownership %

Checked = Displays ownership % field in report manager, balance sheet/risk analysis and portfolio codes - strategies.
Use average FX Rate for FX Gain/Loss

Average FX rate used when calculating FX Gain/Loss for Amortisation loans.
Duration on bond futures

Checked = Duration on bonds of type forward calculated from Value date
Trading stations reference fields

Checked = Show Trading stations reference fields

Def options tab

Define default instruments for deal input. You can define other default instruments for requests. Note that the instruments need to be configured in Register > Instrument Data (read more here: How to: Setup Instrument Data)

Activate Euro

When using currencies within euro, activate to use the euro fixing rates.

Euro fixing rates

Non entereable table. Fixing rates are displayed when the Activate Euro box is checked.

Accounting tab

Parameters for accounting purposes. For example data for dynamic account coding.

Parameter / checkbox
Accounting base
 Enter base currency for accounting
Diff in balance
Permitted difference in balance D/C in automated coding due to rounding of FX rates. This figure is in hundredths of the currency.
Accounting year
Accounting year determines year to use from chart of accounts.
Break date
Break date for financial (accounting) year expressed as DDMM.
Diff account
 Account used to post the permitted difference
Confirm - Move to next record
 If checked the cursor moves down when confirmed has been entered
Split accr prem/disc and real price G/L
If checked then the result of Bonds will be split on accr prem/disc and relaized price G/L when Bonds are closed before maturity date.
Transfer code both transactions
If checked both transactions will be coded for a bank account
Activate accounting
If checked the transactions are not passed on to confirm close until they are posted. If unchecked, it assumes that parameter "Display status in confirm close" in System tab is set to Confirmed, transactions are moved to confirm close when they have been confirmed in confirm start.
Automatic journal entries
if checked journal enteries are created automatically.
Confirm batch - Autohide coded transactions
If checked coded transactions is not shown in confirm start batch.
Include status completed in unreal coding
If checked transactions with status completed are included in unreal coding
Automatic complete
If checked transactions are automatically complete and set FX rate (at maturity) when coded at maturity.
Net market value
If checked net market value (unrealized coding) will be booked on one Balance sheet account.
NPV with FX G/L
If checked interest rate swaps interest g/l calculated with NPV will be reduced with fx g/l
Loans & deposits FX G/L
FX G/L on loans/deposits calculated on capital amount only or capital amount + interest amount.
Account extensions
Selection of portfolio codes to be used for adding account extensions in automated account coding. Following codes in CRM Finance can be used for adding account extensions:
Accounting bank, Broker, Commodity, Counterpart, Currency, Custody, Deal type, Instrument, Legal entity, Strategy, Trader and Trans type.
Currency extension on FX transactions
If currency is used as extension: select if base or price currency is to be the currency code added on P/L accounts för FX transactions.
Error handling
Select Extension code required for the system to check that the transaction is complete according to account extensions (all portfolio codes used for account extension must be available on the transaction).
Select Extension translation required for the system to check if a portfolio code translation is available.
Current account extension
Fill in account extension for current accounts.

Export tab

Parameters for export programs. Enter program name and file address for created export files. File address fields are 200 characters. It is possible to use dynamic paths for specified legal entities used in export program. Contact CRM support staff before editing these options.

Privileges tab

Portfolio privileges - add on function in CRM for restricting usage of portfolio codes.
Activate function- activates portfolio privileges function in system for all users or only for subsidiary module.
Request - Give the subsidiaries the possibility to enter Portfolio codes (for example Strategy, Deal type and Trans type) when entering request transactions.

    Select method for indication of FX rates:

    REALTM – From Table REALTM
    Register – From most recent table
    None – No indication of FX rates

Parameter / checkbox
Display portfolio
Display portfolio field if unchecked portfolio field will be hidden
Handle transactions in Back Office
Request transactions can be handled in back office
Confirm before accepted
Request transactions can be confirmed before subsidary has accepted it
Mid rates
Use mid rates (bid/ask) for automatic rates from register. Is valid for Foreign Exchange transaction Request
Display price currency
Display price currency in FX deal request input form

CAP tab

Definition of hedge effect of a cap/floor, depending on the level of actual market rate's closeness to the strike rate at the time of running the report.

<, <=, >

Enter if the interval should be smaller, equal or larger than the strike price.

Within strike %

Enter the deviation from the strike price

Hedge effect %

Enter the desired hedge effect of the cap/floor for the selected interval

Security tab

Parameters for password settings

Energy tab

Parameters set for CRM Energy Module.

Note! The sections CfD ticker, code translation, and Nordpool FTP is no longer in use. 

FTP Path: Define paths and file names for fetching Spot prices from Nordpool. Note! The file names contains year, needs to be changed yearly.

Misc tab

Miscellaneous parameter settings. Should generally be setup together with CRM Support staff.

Settings tab

Various of settings for interfaces. Should generally be setup together with CRM Support staff.

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