Journal Entry

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Journal Entry

This function is used for creating Journal entries based on the automated coding batch and Coding of unrealized profit/loss. You can either run a single reference number or several transactions by running it with date settings. To run realized transactions until today, fill in date code Today in Due date to. If running unrealized transactions such as accrued interest, FX gain/loss unrealized and market values run the Journal Entries with the end of month date in Due date From and 999999 in Due date To. Accounting period must be entered. Check Total sum for totals by Account, when several transactions are processed in the same Journal entry batch. The journal entries created can be printed out and the information can then be entered manually in the accounting system. If you have an accounting interface and accounting files are created by the system, you can save the Journal Entries in a folder after running them instead of printing them.  If you want to print a previously generated journal, entry select by Journal entry no: From and To.

Number of decimals on FX rates displayed according to setting 'Rte' (Number of decimals for the spot quotation) and decimals on swap points displayed according to setting 'SWP' (Number of decimals for the swap quotation) in Register/ Currency codes/structures for the actual currency pair. 

It is also possible to generate automatic journal entry numbers when running the Automated coding in batch. Setting for this is in Register/ Set up/ System Parameters, tab Accounting. No Journal entries will be displayed on screen and all transactions that have journal entry numbers are ready to be exported in Back office/ Export/ Journal Entries/ export.

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