Dynamic account coding

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Dynamic account coding 

Below is a description of how the dynamic account coding is done in CRM Finance.

Account base

Account Ext 1

Account Ext 2

Account Ext 3

Account string

CRM Chart of accounts

Accounting Bank






40 (USD)

33 (SHB)



26 (SHB)

40 (USD)



In the export program the various parts in the account string are arranged in the export file according to receiving accounting systems specifications.

In System Parameters tab Accounting you choose which extensions to be included in the account string. Following codes in CRM can be used for adding extensions:

Accounting Bank, Broker, Counterpart, Currency, Custody, Deal Type, Instrument, Legal Entity, Metal, Strategy, Trader and Trans type.

For example the Accounting bank extension are then set up in Register - Portfolio Codes Translation - Accounting Banks. 

It is also possible to translate the whole bank account and not just a part. Write 1926 instead of 26 and you also need to exclude that Account in the Accounting Instruction by ticking the checkbox to the right of the Account. The account string will just take the Translation from Portfolio code translation regarding the bank account post.

In Chart of Accounts you define which accounts shall extenstions or not. By ticking in one of the 6 extenstions columns you will get a help text at the bottom which extension is used and put a X on the accounts that shall have extensions so the account string will be correct.  

It is also possible to use the third column in the Portfolio Translation form if your extension is very long. The value in the second translation column will not been shown in the account string but can be used in the accounting interface and added in the file.

For example you need a translation for a Legal entity because it is not the same code in CRM as in the ERP-system (i.e 101). You can also choose to use Legal entity translation for a cost center code. For example for legal entity Treasury all result accounts shall have 25100 as a cost center code.

For more information regarding how to define account extension, see How-to: Define account extensions 

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