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In this function you enter all currencies that you use and a rate structure for each combination of currencies quoted against each other. 

These exchange rate structures are necessary for the system to be able to analyze the positions.

Once the exchange rate structure has been defined for the combination(s) of cross-transactions that you need, the structure should not be changed.

Here's how you add a currency:

  1. Go to Register > Currency Codes/Structures
  2. First, you need to add the currency to the currency codes/structures. Press new to activate the wizard. Note! it is important that the cursor is in the Price column to the left.

  3. Name the currency with a proper currency name and code.
  4. Check 'Create all structures' to add structure with all other currencies or 'Create single currency structure' to add structure for selected currencies, press OK.

  5. To define the default quotation. Click on the Icon default quotation

  6. Double click on a Base/price entry to switch default quotation if necessary.

  7. Then you can decide if the rate should be inverted and number of decimals that should be used.

    Rate per
    Normal quotation for this price/base relationship. By 1 or 100. 1 is recomended.
    Swap point division
    Number of division of swap points when added to spot rate. Normaly 100 or 10000
    Number of decimals for the spot quotation
    Number of decimals for the swap quotation
    Inverted rates, parameter for CRM Finance Web
    Inv 2
    Inverted rates, parameter for CRM Online module
    FX transactions: Number of decimals for rounding of currency amount
If you need to add a base currency for an existing price currency. First mark the price currency and then mark one base currency press F6 and add the base currency.

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