How-to: Define your own date codes

Created by Erik Åkerlund, Modified on Mon, 20 Feb 2023 at 02:28 PM by Erik Åkerlund

You can define your own date code by combining two existing date codes.
For example: Starting date 3M + Existing date code or date LDOQ = Resulting date

Let's look at how:

  1. Go to Register > Setup > Define New Date Codes
  2. Start by entering a name for your new date code (6 letters) in 'Name of new datecode'

  3. In the column 'Starting date' enter either a fixed date or a date code. Depending on the dynamics of your new date code it might be more logical to look at the 'Existing datecode or date' first. It's the combination of these two that will create a good date code. 

    The date/datecode in 'Existing datecode or date' will be calculated by adding up the date/datecode in 'Starting date'. Leaving 'Starting date' empty is equal to the datecode TODAY.
  4. Resulting date displays the actual calculated date based on entered information in 'Starting date' and 'Existing datecode or date'.
  5. Description - enter your own description text to understand what your new date code shows.

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