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Portfolio Codes Details holds all the details surrounding your entities and counterparts. This is where you define Bank Accounts and Payment Instructions for Legal Entities and Counterparts and some miscellaneous settings.

Let's take a look:

Bank accounts Tab

Enter bank accounts with Account no, Currency, Bank (list of counterparts marked as 'Bank' in the address Tab), SWIFT addresses, central bank codes (CBC), Account name (is defaulted to Bank+currency) and Coding account. Enter IBAN if required by the bank when making payments.

Below is a detailed description of all the fields and checkboxes available:

Parameter Description
Advice transactions
Include advise transaction in the payment exports function
Cashpool mirror account
Cash pool mirror account (sub account in a zero balancing cash pool)
Include reconcilliation
Include transactions in reconciliation function
Import bank account balance
Include account in bank account balance import
Hide account
Hide cash pool account in deal input bank account lists
Internal account Internal account. Advice transactions exported as payments from counterpart to legal entity.
When a transaction is entered in deal input it is automatically prepared with payment instructions from the Portfolio codes register (Register – Portfolio codes menu). The payment instruction is entered by legal entity and counterpart and there can be several instructions by entity/counterpart
Transfer type
Transfer type use in payment export. List can contain several customer specific types.

Update opening balances

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See article: How-to: Update opening balance

Default account for Legal Entity: The Bank account code entered in the deal input screen on the transaction decides which payment instruction is selected.

If there is no Bank account code entered on the transaction, the Payment Instruction with the lowest row number (for relevant currency) in the Address Register will be defaulted.

Default account for Counterpart: The Payment Instruction with the lowest row number in the Address Register will be defaulted.

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