Deal Status

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The first status a deal gets when it has been created is New.  If the deal is updated when it has status New the status will not be changed.  


The deal has been confirmed.  
All transactions is Completed, Confirmed or Cancelled (there are no modified/new). 


The deal has been updated after it has been confirmed. The deal needs to be confirmed again before it can be completed. The deal can have transactions with status Modified or New apart from the transactions with status Confirmed (transactions that has not been updated since the deal was confirmed), but only if something has changed on transaction level.  

The deal will also get this status if the user chooses to”unlock the deal”/”undo confirm” after it has been confirmed. 


If the deal needs to be cancelled. It is only possible to cancel a New / Confirmed / Modified deal if no underlying transactions has status Locked or Completed. Note, if an underlying transactions has status Locked (if payments has been created or accounting has been approved) the payment or accounting needs to be reverted.  


”Want-to-be” deal, subsidiary.

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