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In this article we will cover how to add graphics and charts to your report. 

Start by clicking the “Add Chart” button in the Main Menu.

In the Add Chart window specify the desired Chart Details

  • Enter a title (Optional)
  • Enter type of chart
  • Enter X-axis (horizontal axis) column (Optional)
  • Enter at least one Chart Series.

Click OK to add the chart or Cancel to quit without adding the chart

Copy & Paste

CRM Report Viewer support Copy & Paste so that Charts created in CRM Report Viewer can be used in other applications.

Use the copy button (item 1 in Figure 3) in the Chart Menu to copy a specific chart to the clipboard. Once this is done you can paste it into other applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Paint) by going to the other application and then using either the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+V” by right clicking and choosing “Paste” from the context menu.

Note: The chart is copied as it is displayed in CRM Report Viewer (but without the scrollbars). This means that it will keep the size and proportions it has when the copy button is used. This means that it can be preferable to use the dividers (see CRM Report Viewer UI item 4) to change the size of the chart before copying it.


Use the remove chart (trash bin) button in the Chart Menu in order to remove an existing chart.

Customizing Layout

CRM Report Viewer ships with a default layout where a number of charts can be added above the report data. Customized layouts that support other layouts can be ordered from CRM Treasury Systems. These layouts can contain images such as a company logo as well as different locations of charts and the data.
Below are some simple examples of how these customized layouts might look like.

A customized layout where the location of the chart area and the report data is switched and a company logo has been added at the top.

A customized layout containing only charts and a company logo on the top.

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