How to: Partly repayments of drawdowns on a credit facility

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Deal Input - Credit Facilities

When you do a partly repayment on a draw down on a credit facility you can either ; 

  1. pay the interest according to the original interest payment plan, 
  2. or pay interest at the time of amortization.


Case 1 Orginal interest payment plan

Open the credit line. 

Double click on the draw down you are doing the partly repayment on.

Use the amortization adjustment and fill in the date and amount.

Press Save

The capital amount is adjusted and the interest recalculated considering the new amount.

Case 2 Payment of interest at the same time as the amortization

Open the credit line 

Suppose that the amortization should be done on the 15:th och Aug. Create the amortization on the last date of previous interest period. The interest for the amortization between 160630 - 160815 will be calculated in a separate Tranche, see further down in this solution.

The next interest period will be recalculated with the remaining Capital amount.

To create interest for the amortization amount the remaining period, you need to create a new Tranche.

Begin date (Value date) is the end date of last interest period. End date is the date the amortization and interest is due, in this example 15:th of Aug.

Capital amount should be the amortization amount.

The new tranch will look like this then

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