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This is a form for viewing/accessing transaction history regarding Status, Account coding, Payments, Reconciled, Matching status, Confirmations and EMIR status.
Press F9 or (double click in the reference no field) to view the full deal input screen. To view the account coding details look further down in this article.
The column 'Prel ref no' displays the preliminary reference number, (when applicable), the transaction had before it was confirmed.

Coding information columns

Coding information displays account coding history at value, maturity and coding of unrealised profit/loss.

Possible values are: 

N/A = Not applicable or dummy coded

Blank = No coding has been made 

Coded = The account coding has been made

J entry = A Journal entry has been created 

Exported = The Journal entry has been exported to the accounting system via file. 

Payment information columns

Payment Information displays payment history at value and maturity.

Possible values are: 

N/A = Not applicable, Reg, Delayed, Netting

Pending = Not processed or process is ongoing

Exported = Payment transaction exported via file or Manual.

Column 'R' displays 'X' if the transaction is reconciled. 

Other columns

Match Status = Exported means transaction has been sent in file to Misys or other CLS, Matched means that transaction has been matched in Misys or other CLS.

Pr column displays 'X' if Confirmation MS Word has been created 

Sn column dispalys 'X' if confirmation is set to Signed via icon or done manually.

Emir Status

Function for resetting Misys or CLS flags and dummy coding (N/A). Available for user type Manager only.

Function for viewing transaction status history.

Click on "Code transaction" to display the result of the account codings. Codings can be deleted both with or without a Journal entry no by selecting the coding row Book date and press Shift+F6. To delete a single row set the cursor on the specific account and press shift+F6. Double click on next Book date to display the coding information at start. The text field showing the name of the accounting instruction used for this particular transaction.

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